About Me

I am influenced, inspired and even affected by the landscape around me. Whether that be the urban landscape of the inner city or that of the great wilderness beyond our borders. From the traffic lights, the street car passing to the urban decay that is all round us. The things that make up our daily events, these are the things that we often take for granted often visually disregarded that make up the backdrop¬† to what makes me tic. It’s the effects of time, the years of weathered structures that makes urban exploration important to me, the importance of what nature has give us in both animal and nature and in what man’s best friends have given and continue to give that brings it home for me and what I shoot.

I’ve had a camera in my hands as long as I can remember. From an old Kodak Brownie Hawk eye that my dad gave me I’m sure to keep me busy to the Nikon that I shoot with today. I am inspired not only by those photographers work I follow but by those I have had the honor to shoot with.

I try to organize outings that get as many out as possible to places like Algonquin Provincial Park, to Urbex shoots in Toronto, Stratford, Hamilton and with others in places like Detroit. For me it’s about two things 1) conveying the message and telling the story and 2) sharing. Whether there’s two or twenty two of you it’s about sharing the experience of now or being there before. We all learn from that knowledge.