and so it’s Thursday…again.

March 7, 2013 in Around Town, Toronto by Brian Rome

Wow! another week has zoomed by. Deep in finishing up some wedding photos. wondering where the time seems to go. Trying to setup some photo-ops for our Detroit trip this summer and getting ready for the great Burwash adventure in April. Hope you’ve had a great week. here’s a couple of my favorites from the last week.

And so it is Thursday

March 5, 2013 in Around Town, Toronto by Brian Rome

One of the benefits of working in Toronto is the lunch time photowalks. Once out the door you have a choice walking into the financial district, south to either St.Lawrence Market or to the lakefront or east along Queen Street and the smaller side streets. There’s a lot to enjoy out there. Grab a camera and take some pictures.

Walking With Larry

February 4, 2013 in Around Town, Toronto by Brian Rome

One of the great things about working in Toronto is the lunch time photo walks. I take my camera most days with me. I wonder the streets and the alleys of our fair city. Camera in hand. Some days there are shots and others to many to count.

On most Thursdays I’m able to convince my friend Larry to come out. We usually pick a direction and then wonder. Whether west to Nathan Philips Square, south to Sugar Beach and Pink Umbrellas or north up Church Street there is always a direction and photos to be taken. And of course conversation.

Here’s a few of the pictures that I’ve taken with my friend Larry.


Winter’s Approach

January 19, 2013 in Around Town by Brian Rome

It seems we can’t stop the inevitable….winter.

The month of December had been getting gradually colder. We should not have been surprised when the snow started.
Nor should we have been surprised when the winter winds came and drove the temperatures down!

A quick drive down to the lake and showed just how everything was, rough lake, ominous clouds and temps that seemed to know no lows. But after all this was winter, should we not expect this?

But as I was ready to leave the sun broke through for a moment.

Ah, winter!

Morning Walk

November 25, 2012 in Toronto by Brian Rome

I try most days to have my camera with me. You just never know what the day will bring you . You don’t want to miss “the shot”.The morning sun, or as we had the other day fog, people walking to work, everyone in a hurry. All present opportunities for just that shot.

Here are a few from the past week.


Grand Canyon

October 4, 2012 in Grand Canyon by Brian Rome

We had the opportunity to head down to Las Vegas recently. To see the city, the many hotels, Freemont Street and of course the Grand Canyon. The big trip when we were down in Vegas was to the Grand Canyon.

Our travels took us to the Grand Canyon-West bank. This was on land of the Hualapai Indian Tribe so you did not see all the amenities that you would see on federally controlled land. There was no guard rails, no safety barriers only your own senses.

You could literally walk up to the edge if you felt the need. According to the Hualapai since they assumed control of the West Bank of the Grand Canyon there has been no deaths yet with the Federally controlled north and south faces of the rand Canyon there has been on average 10 deaths per year.

I have to say this rates up there with some of the other awe inspiring places I have seen such as Juneau, Glacier Bay and many of the other sites in Alaska.

Enjoy some of the pictures.

Detroit – The Second Time Through

July 26, 2012 in Detroit by Brian Rome

Had the opportunity to hits the streets of Detroit again with friends Pete, Jess & Lana. This visit was to see the “Good Detroit”. The non-urbex edition as it were.

We were early to avoid the heat. Starting the “Good Detroit” Tour was Belle Isle. A very interesting spot in the midst of the Detroit River. We were there for Golden Hour to catch the sun rising. What a morning seeing the sun come up as the day was beginning not only for us but for the business and people of Detroit.

We were all over from Downtown to the Eastern Market to Corktown. From buildings like Penobscot, the Guardian, GM Place and the Woodward Buildings.

All incredible pieces of architecture when it was required to build a building such as these to mean something that looked good. They were solid buildings that would stand the test of time.

It was refreshing to see the positive side of Detroit.

New York – Gound Zero

July 3, 2012 in New York by Brian Rome

Well this was it. Our final Day in New York.

It had been a great two days, everything that I had thought it would be and more. Now today was taking us to Ground Zero, Wall Street and Central Park.

We jumped on the subway after breakfast and headed down to Ground Zero. Once out of the subway we still had a bit of a walk. But on a Sunday, in the financial district with nothing going on it seemed a little quiet. Beyond quiet actually. To think of what had happened 10 years earlier with the twin towers and to know we were walking in that very area seemed a bit surreal. But we continued to walk south to the area where the new buildings were being built. The rebuild of the World Trade Center.

When we got there after getting to the memorial and realizing we needed tickets, getting the tickets and making our way back was that there were buildings open, buildings that had rebuilt and were open, and buildings still closed. All this in a short block or two from each other and the new WTC.

When you get to the memorial there is such a surreal feel to being there. The area is filled with people from different parts of America, Canada and all different parts of the globe and it hit everyone differently. You all felt the sadness in a different way. The emotion of being there had many people reflecting on their own lives, crying for those who had lost theirs, just reflecting on what had led them to this point on this day.

As a photographer I felt the need to photograph, to share my day and my time there with as many as I could. I can tell you that it was a very sobering moment. To know we could lose everything in a blink of an eye. So I took pictures.

New York – Toms, Coney & The NYPL

June 17, 2012 in New York by Brian Rome

Saturday in New York, What a day.

The big ticket item I wanted to see and do was to go to Coney Island, the number 1 thing for me on this trip. So Saturday it was up early, checked the camera gear and we were out the door.

For Breakfast we had planned to head up to Tom’s Restaurant (from Seinfeld) and on to the subway. But along the way Richard guided me to the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. What a place!

It was cavernous, monstrous and straight out of Lord of the Rings. It is located on Amsterdam Avenue at 112th Street and definitely a return visit is in-store on our next visit to NYC. Now to Toms and to Coney Island. Coney Island was a direct ride but a 45 minute ride on the subway. You could see where the New York transit was fixing tracks and stations up. Not a bad site considering that some parts of the subway are as old as the city. City and subway growing up together.

It was late morning by the time we got down to Coney island. I had expected not to find very many people. I had a series of photographs in mind that reflected an absence of people, a desolation. But when we arrived there definitely was people about, a lot of people. As it turns out not a few minutes into our walk these was a sign indicating that in spring and fall Coney Island was open. The weather was perfect, blue sky, little cloud, a spring time 65F so why not people. I just had to be a little creative with my shots. Along through the amusement rides, to the boardwalk and the wharf. By 2pm the crowds were there, for spring anyways and we thought it was a good time to head back into Manhattan. We walked past Nathans the site of the world famous hotdog and the annual hotdog eating contest. Sorry no hotdog this trip. Next time, I promise. Now to grab a coffee.

We jumped back on the subway headed up to some shopping and the over to the New York Public Library. Man what a building! You instantly recognize it from many different movies. We had just got there and had a quick look around and were told “Time to go! If you don’t leave we’ll lock you in!” I guess that’s Library language for “Welcome to New York.”

Out on the street again we decided it was now time for something quick to eat and back out for some more New York sights. We decided to head back to Times Square. To see what it was like on a Saturday night. Lots of people looking around to see lots of people looking around. It was amazing seeing that many people just walking with no where in mind just being out in the city. People hustling for different shows from stage, theatre to comedy, Bus Tours and many different places to eat.

We were quickly running out of Saturday so we made a quick stop at Mid-town Comics, over to grab a couple drinks and back to the hotel. Time to grab some much needed sleep and be ready for our last day in New York.

New York

May 5, 2012 in New York by Brian Rome

What a town! I can surely believe that it is the town that never sleeps.

April 6, 2012 went on my first trip to New York. I had the pleasure of going with my son Richard, a veteran of now many NYC trips. I have to admit that for me this was THE trip, the first trip off of my bucket list.

To give you some background I’ve been talking about going to New York ever since my son had gone during college. Each year his college had planned an annual trip to NYC. Bused down and for three days had the run of the city. Each year the trip was available he went. Seeing his pictures and hearing of his adventures I knew this was a place I needed to go to. So we talked about it more that my wife and son probably wanted to. But to me this presented such a huge photographic opportunity I just could not stop imagining just what there was to photograph. There was the obvious like Empire State Building, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty but what was there that was not that obvious. Research needed to be done.

We talked about where we each wanted to go and what we wanted to do. the list seemed to have a life of it’s own and grew. So much to see, so much to do, just where do you start. Finally I said “Look, the place I want to go most is to Coney Island so beyond that you have free reign of where we should go …lead me”. So he did and on April 6 the adventure began.

We arrived on the 6th and made our way to our hotel. The very nice Hotel Pennsylvania, right across the street from Madison Square Gardens. We dropped off our bags ans immediately headed up to Times Square. The signs, the people and the life of the area, very busy. People all in a rush to get some where. Since we were in Times Square we had to head to Toys’r’us and see the Trex, a very cool Jurassic park moment! We then headed over to Midtown Comics at 40th -7th and then grabbed the subway and headed up to Union Square.

Union Square is where Broadway and 4th Ave come together. When we were there a farmer market was in full swing. It is a popular meeting place, given its central location in Manhattan and its many subway lines. When we were here we had to make our way from Union Square over to 124th & 1st to a neat little store called Kim’s, formerly known as Mondo Kim’s. A great place to find new and used cd, dvd, bluray and used vinyl. Very cool place! When we were leaving and making our way back to the subway and to supper we came across
this tiny cd shop. Just as we were passing by the door opened and a young man came out thanking the older gentleman,(owner I guess) and we thought “Let’s go in!” Well I tell you it was like being in an episode of hoarders. You thought if you touched any thing that that entire pile of cd’s would fall over on you. It was quite the sight.

Well it was back on the subway and back to the hotel to rest the feet and decide where we were going to eat supper and what was next. Supper was a New York pizza and beer. Who can go wrong with that! We then took off for the Empire State Building. As it happens was only a few blocks behind our hotel. Well I tell you the wait was long and so where the lines but the view once you got out on the observation deck was awe inspiring!

Now back to the hotel for a couple hours sleep and the start of day two in New York. Stay Tuned!