Winters Face

February 18, 2014 in Out & About, Toronto by Brian Rome

The Winter of 2013/14 has been one that we soon won’t forget. The cold has been as low as -31C without wind chill. The snow has stayed where as other years alot would melt before another snow storm happened. Well the week before christmas Southern Ontario got the storm of the ages. We had snow, cold temps and alot of ice. Most areas were without power. Power outages were from a few hours to as long as 8 / 10 days. But through all that the photography was amazing. Seeing ice on the power lines and trees that brought an incredible amount of weight down and the potential of more power outages.

Another Walk With Larry

February 17, 2014 in Around Town, Toronto by Brian Rome

I love getting out with my camera! I bring my camera into work most days and scour the neighborhoods of downtown Toronto for the next photographic gem.

And most Thursdays I get out with my friend Larry. We have our cameras and of course lots of conversation.

Lately it’s been about making arrangements for our first big photo trip of the year a return trip to Camp Bison. But for for this weeks walk we decided to walk over to the Don River, south of Queen Street and head south. It’s a path used by joggers, walkers and bicyclists.

In fact a winter cyclist passed us trying to maneuver around us with out falling. This end of the path runs along with the new condo construction that is first meant as an athlete village for the upcoming Pan-Am games.

and so it’s Thursday…again.

March 7, 2013 in Around Town, Toronto by Brian Rome

Wow! another week has zoomed by. Deep in finishing up some wedding photos. wondering where the time seems to go. Trying to setup some photo-ops for our Detroit trip this summer and getting ready for the great Burwash adventure in April. Hope you’ve had a great week. here’s a couple of my favorites from the last week.

And so it is Thursday

March 5, 2013 in Around Town, Toronto by Brian Rome

One of the benefits of working in Toronto is the lunch time photowalks. Once out the door you have a choice walking into the financial district, south to either St.Lawrence Market or to the lakefront or east along Queen Street and the smaller side streets. There’s a lot to enjoy out there. Grab a camera and take some pictures.

Walking With Larry

February 4, 2013 in Around Town, Toronto by Brian Rome

One of the great things about working in Toronto is the lunch time photo walks. I take my camera most days with me. I wonder the streets and the alleys of our fair city. Camera in hand. Some days there are shots and others to many to count.

On most Thursdays I’m able to convince my friend Larry to come out. We usually pick a direction and then wonder. Whether west to Nathan Philips Square, south to Sugar Beach and Pink Umbrellas or north up Church Street there is always a direction and photos to be taken. And of course conversation.

Here’s a few of the pictures that I’ve taken with my friend Larry.


Morning Walk

November 25, 2012 in Toronto by Brian Rome

I try most days to have my camera with me. You just never know what the day will bring you . You don’t want to miss “the shot”.The morning sun, or as we had the other day fog, people walking to work, everyone in a hurry. All present opportunities for just that shot.

Here are a few from the past week.


Exploring Toronto – Canadian Linseed Oils Mills

December 5, 2011 in Toronto, Urbex by Brian Rome

Our group of now seven has been to some different places this year from from Detroit to Hamilton. We had hoped that we could find something more local to get out and explore. My friend Chris and I had been talking, for some time really, about some buildings we had seen on our trip home on the GO train in an area called “the junction”. The building we were really interested in was The Canadian Linseed Oil Mills building located on 35 Wabash Ave. in Toronto.

A little History.

The Linseed building as we’ve come to refer to it is an old one. Built in spring of 1910 adding to the thriving manufacturing community which already included Chapman Double Ball Bearing, leather goods manufacturer Winnett & Wellinger, candy manufacturer Robert Watson, and the Dominion Bridge Company. Linseed oil was a thriving industry. Derived from flax seed, linseed oil was then a valuable commodity due to its many applications. Linseed oil was used as a binder in oil paints, a valuable water-proofing agent in canvas, and it was used as a wood finish and as an ingredient in varnishes. In 1969 Canadian Linseed closed the doors. With a declining market brought on by a gradual decline in the popularity of linseed oil in early 1970 it is reported that the Canadian Linseed (Canlin Limited) was about to be sold with the deal to be closed  in April of that finally close its doors. Since 1970 the building has remained empty, and become a popular destination for vandals, taggers and photographers alike.

For us the journey the The Linseed building started when my friend Chris and another of our merry band Trevor went on a recon over to the Linseed to see if it was up to a visit, with cameras and tripods no paint cans. Well from all reports the building was well worth the effort. So off we went, our merry band for a Sunday photo shoot. The day was over cast, white sky, rain and a day meant for inside shooting. Well I tell you the inside was dark, very dark and for most of the inside very little light. But I tell you the sense of history you felt while in the building was really something. To know this building was an active part of Canadian history was really something and for our group to photograph it was even better. The light, the shadows and even the pigeons all added to the morning. Each of us at times went off in our own directions to capture the moments that the Linseed was giving us and at times we were all together sharing stories of trying to get a certain shot  and what it must have been like in this building when it was working.

For me this was the first place Chris and I had mentioned we wanted to get into. Finally, we got there, but you know I’m sure we’ll be headed back.


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