Hamilton – Urbex Exploration, Well Sort of

December 19, 2011 in Urbex by Brian Rome

This post seems to be a long time in the making. This was one shoot that we had talked about doing but just seemed to get pushed back in favor of others. Not that it did not have an allure, of buildings, ships, factories and people but it seemed like we did everything in front of  going too Hamilton. It seemed like writing about it was proving to be a chore.

But we decided Oct 23 was the date to head on down the QEW to Hamilton. Our goal was to get to the old Firestone plant, the Lister Building and Royal Connaught Hotel. I wish I could tell you good news but no, all three were a bust. The Firestone was taken over by the city of Hamilton for their Public Works department, The Lister Block was totally renovated,ready to reopen and The Royal Cannaught was boarded up, bolted and locked up. Just a little disappointing when you go looking for some great Urbex opportunities and and each of these places has been in a renovation and reclamation project state.

Now let’s not say the day was a total bust. We did get down to the water front and get some great shots of the HMS Haida, the steel plants and the harbor.

As a photographer you always need to keep aware of all that is around. The waterfront and even the downtown sections of Hamilton help save the day. Not as banner a day as we hoped but always ready with the camera.