Stop The Wobble!

August 11, 2015 in Detroit, Out & About, Urbex by Brian Rome

I never thought of my tripod. It was always there. Never an issue. Always was there to do it’s job.

I have two tripods. A larger Manfrotto 055 and a smaller Fotopro traveler. The Manfrotto because of it’s size does not make many trips. The Fotopro does. I got it because of the portability, the ease of use, the versatility. You go out on many trips never thinking that something could go wrong. Well nothing did until Friday of our Detroit trip. Well on this particular Friday we were in a building with poor light. So the tripod came out and away we went. We stopped in one of many rooms. The setting was just right. Old cast iron claw foot bath tubs. A little light from a small window to set the mood. I set my tripod down. Attached my camera and quickly saw my camera had a decided lean to it. My tripod head had come loose in the middle. With no tools at hand the best thing was to not let go. Now you had to protect your camera but worry about soft pictures, whether you were the
cause for the blur.

I guess the lesson here is to always check your equipment before leaving on a trip. You clean your lenses, charge your batteries and clear your memory cards. In the case of your tripod make sure all is good. Can’t fix anything miles from home.